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 Ursinus College
 Focus the Nation
 601 E. Main Street
 Collegeville, PA 19426

 phone: 610-409-3000
 ext: 2645, 2594
 fax: 610-409-3771

Image courtesy of Patrick Quinn


Focus the Nation (FTN) is a national grassroots effort to raise awareness about climate change by using universities, colleges, and high schools as locales for awareness-raising events. More than 1000 institutions across the country are participating by holding events during the week of January 27th, 2008, with Thursday, Jan. 31st, being national “Focus the Nation Day.” For more information on the national FTN campaign, see (http://www.focusthenation.org). 

Ursinus College was the first Pennsylvania school to join FTN.


Ursinus College FTN Mission Statement

Ursinus College, acting out of concern for our world’s well being, is taking an active role to cultivate awareness on the topic of anthropogenic climate change by participating in Focus the Nation. The overall warming of the globe has had, and will continue to have, profound effects on both humankind and the natural world to which we belong. Focus the Nation will provide education, inspire individual responsibility, facilitate discussion on climate change, and explore future policy options. This conference will connect Ursinus with local communities and regional policy makers, while other schools and groups do likewise. Our participation continues the trend of leadership by Ursinus College in progressive environmental initiatives while strengthening the movement to preserve the Earth for future generations.

Ursinus College Focus the Nation is a collaborative effort of Ursinus students, faculty, and staff, provided free to the community in the hopes of raising awareness and inspiring positive change.

Ursinus Focus the Nation is made possible by the generous support of Mrs. Betty Musser and the College’s Budget and Arts & Lecture Committees.