Outcomes Assessment Portfolio


Committee on Outcomes Assessment

The committee is to serve as the clearinghouse for outcomes data; coordinate the efforts of various departments to design and administer survey instruments and receive reports on the analysis of the outcomes data; focus primarily on college-wide assessment measures, but assist individual departments and offices with outcomes analysis as necessary; review and evaluate the currently-used survey instruments and determine whether they are the most appropriate ones to be used; recommend priorities as to what areas of the program should be assessed; disseminate the results of the outcomes assessment process and report them to the CPPC to be considered in formulating the College's plans.                (U.C.Faculty Handbook, p.38)

This web site serves as a data base for materials related to outcomes assessment  and Middle States Association Accreditation Standards for  Ursinus College


bulletCOA  Information & Reports
bulletMiddle States Association
bulletAssessment of Academic Programs
bullet Assessment of Administrative Offices
bulletInstitutional Assessment
New Items:
bullet Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) 2009
bulletNSSE Multi Year Benchmark Report 2009
bulletNSSE Comparison with top 10% and 50% of Highly Engaged Institution

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